Virtualizing the Future

Organisations are expected to upgrade their desktop IT equipment every 4 years and this is becoming an increasingly challenging feat as a result of tight budgets. Also, it is an increasingly popular option to virtualise a percentage of the desktop environment, not only to save on costs, but also to improve your desktop management strategy!

  • Enabling more flexibility and responsiveness of IT resources
  • BYOD – Bring your own device strategic enhancements
  • Removing the complexity and on-going cost of desktop refreshes
  • Reducing carbon footprint and enabling a greener IT policy.
  • It’s a great strategy to combine if you’re using cloud based services

Why Virtualize

Here are just some reasons why you should consider a desktop refresh and selectively deploy virtual desktop technology in your educational establishment :

  • Cost Savings – Up to 65% cheaper than traditional PCs, with up to 50% savings in outlay!
  • Durable – No moving parts, therefore very little can go wrong with virtual desktops
  • Sustainable - Virtual desktops are compact and energy efficient (5w versus up to 900w in PCs)
  • Manageable – Deploy software applications centrally, instead of having to manage each PC
  • Secure – No data is stored on devices, enhancing centralized data management and protection
  • Leasing - Ties in with desktop refresh and makes budgeting easier
  • Process – Template-based and proven network design